How Geek Are You?

Are You a Geek Dad? Today on DadLabs, CC Chapman and Max Kalehoff square off to see if they have what it takes to be: GEEK ENOUGH!

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Mighty Tight

Installing baby car seats can be frustrating for dads. In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy reviews the Mighty Tight. This useful little gadget cinches any carseat tight. It's perfect for traveling with your infant. DadLabs ep. 79 Gear Daddy.

Q-Ba-Maze Review

The dads traveled to the New York Toy Fair and found a really cool alternative to traditional construction toys. Q-Ba-Maze are amazing children's toys that are high-tech building blocks. Kids can construct a maze and run marbles through it. These education toys are so fun, you can play with them in the box. Building toys have never been this fun. DadLabs Ep. 78 Gear Daddy.

Jesus Action Figure?

What would Jesus do? With these Jesus Christ action figures, he can do anything from surfing to bull riding to riding motorcycles. There's even a soccer figurine. These toy collectables come in nine different poses. Shot on location at the New York Toy Fair. DadLabs Ep. 77 Gear Daddy.


Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day -- a video greeting card from Greetings from dads and sons to the moms in their lives. From Barbers to Window Washers to Tattoo Artists -- we all have a mom. DadLabs Ep. 76 The Lab.

Do Your Chores

Make your bed. Clear the table. Do laundry. Prepare the taxes. When do parents turn themselves into a broken record to get their kids to do their chores? If ever. The Dads debate the merits of household chores for kids. Do they teach important like skills? Do children learn the merits of work? Are they contributing to the family? Watch their take on this parenting topic. DadLabs Ep. 75 The Lounge.

Music for Kids

Kids and parents different on the style of music they like. In this episode of The Lab, the dads ask if there is cool music that children and parents can tolerate. Daddy Brad travels to the ABC Toy Expo and finds a CD from Putumayo that may do the trick. These CDs are musical compilations that feature songs from many well known artists and musicians. Children's music that everyone can agree on, and a great soundtrack for families. DadLabs ep. 74 The Lab.


What exactly is that itch? Lice. Lice? LICE!!!! Head lice are literally the bane of a parents existence. But should we really be so afraid? The Dads take on this head scratcher. Are they bugs? Parasites? What should you do if it affects your kids? Do you have to clean your entire house if it strikes your children? Find out in DadLabs Ep. 73 The Lounge.


Do you fathers out there have spaces of your own where you can relax, work, just hang out? Daddy Brad interviews author Sam Martin about his book "Manspace." He shares his ideas for a clubhouse for guys. Whether it be in a bedroom, garage, shed, or basement, manspaces are great places for men. Can they help your marriage? Find out here. DIY Dads, this one is for you. Amazing models for man houses. DadLabs ep. 72 The Lounge.

Myth of 50/50

In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad discuss equal division of parenting and domestic household chores. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, dishes, bath time, reading time - How much do these dads do? Is 50-50 a myth? Do tasks differ between men and women? Find out how their fatherhood, family, and marriage duties stack up. DadLabs ep. 71 The Lab.


When should you start giving your child an allowance? How much is reasonable? Is it a morally reprehensible practice that turns all young ones to the Dark Side? Given the current economic crisis we, here at Dadlabs, believe that we should teach our children skills to manager their money early on in life. Invest now, reap the benefits later. DadLabs Ep. 70 The Lounge.