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DadLabs is proud to announce a new series of ebooks brought to you in partnership with BabyBjorn US - a series of six focusing on preparations for parenthood, and caring for infants. We will be launching a new ebook every month for the next few months.
NEW! - Sane Parents Guide #4: Feeding and Nutrition
Sane Parents Guide #4: Feeding and Nutrition, offering tips and advice on feeding and introducing healthy eating to your child.


Our fourth Sane Parents Guide is focused on feeding. For a long time, feeding has been a pretty simple proposition. You get hungry, you eat, generally around three times a day. You try to stick with the healthy stuff, but you don’t obsess about it. When you worry about weight, it’s always about losing it. Gaining weight is not the problem. That all changes when the baby comes around. Suddenly feeding can become an anxiety-filled process, full of complex choices, timetables, and unfamiliar ingredients, all with the objective of reasonable but steady weight gain. How can you manage all this without going nuts? We have a few suggestions, based mostly on common sense and experience, with a little advice from doctors and nutritionists thrown in for balance.

The ebook features chapters on:

• Pre-Natal Care
• Feeding Newborns
• Baby Food
• Toddler Food
• Nutritional Trends and Theories

With included links to over 20 informative and entertaining DadLabs videos! This multi-media ebook will succinctly inform expecting parents just how much safety gear they need to be prepared, without going crazy (as many expecting parents do).

Sane Parents Guide #4 costs just $2.99! Here are links to the two places online where it can be purchased:
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Sane Parents Guide #1: Getting Your Home Ready for Baby
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SANE PARENTS GUIDE #3: Babyproofing and Safety
Your guide to making your home safe for baby. Learn how to baby proof your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms and outdoor areas in Sane Parents Guide #3: Babyproofing and Safety.
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Stay tuned for two more titles in the Sane Parents Guide series.