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Man-spa Cures Teenage Tonsurephobia

By Daddy Clay Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

I stared at my iPhone for a moment, wondering, “Why has a repairman just answered my home phone?” Luckily, I recovered quickly and greeted my son.

Adolescence has had more side effects on my oldest than just a lowering of the voice. There’s also the tonsurephobia. While not strictly pathological, Bubba’s aversion to getting his hair cut arrived swiftly and with great force about six months ago. No amount of coaxing nor any denomination of bribe could get him into Wes’ barber’s chair this summer.

This was disheartening because for many years, getting his hair cut was no more complicated than telling the lady at SuperFantasticCuts which guard to put on the clippers (#2 for him #1.5 for me). I blame lacrosse, but that’s an issue for another post.

But after months of struggle, conflict, and not being able to look Bubba in the eyes, I think I have solved the haircut issue. Brilliantly. Read the rest of this entry »