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Parenting News: Asthma, Stroller Recall, Kids and Running, Future Criminals, Birthday Parties

By Dad News Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Farm Living Could Arm Kids Against Asthma: Kids who grow up on traditional farms are 30% to 50% less likely than other children to develop asthma, a new study shows. But it’s not the fresh country air. It’s the germs. (USA Today)

BOB Strollers Recalled Over Strangulation Risk: More than 350,000 BOB strollers are being recalled across the U.S. and Canada over concerns a drawstring could strangle a child, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said. (

Should Children Run Marathons?: With temperatures warming and the snows of 2011 finally dissolving into oatmeal slush, many people are feeling an insistent urge to get outside and run, perhaps even to start training for a spring marathon or other distance race. But for some of us, particularly those with young families, this laudatory goal can pose a problem. Should we take our kids with us? Can and should children, at any age, be runners? (New York Times) Read the rest of this entry »

Parenting News: Grandparents, Childhood Obesity, ADHD, Teen Drinking, Baby Monitor Recall

By Dad News Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Parents Without Parents: Allison Gilbert misses her parents. They both died before their grandchildren could remember them and every day she realizes anew that the loss was not hers alone, but also her son’s and her daughter’s. There is a hole in her parenting, she believes, where her own parents should be. (New York Times)

Infant Nutrition: Delaying Solid Food Can Help Combat Obesity: According to an article published online today in the medical journal Pediatrics, bottle-fed children who begin solid foods too early have a higher chance of obesity by age three than either their breastfed counterparts or those who delay solid foods. The magic age to introduce solid foods and to lower the risk of obesity is four to six months of age. (HealthNews)

When The Diagnosis Is A.D.H.D.: Millions of children, adults and families are affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or A.D.H.D., a troubling condition that can cause problems with work, school and relationships. But when is it time to seek professional help? And is the diagnosis of A.D.H.D. handed out too often? (New York Times) Read the rest of this entry »