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Dadlabs Behind The Scenes

By Daddy Clay Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

I know that to the casual viewer, DadLabs looks like a well oiled machine, effortlessly delivering four episodes of polished edu-comic internet television every week, but behind the scenes in non-stop, spastic filming and editing, occasionally interrupted by convulsive uploading of video files. All in an effort to feed the insatiable, furnace-like needs of DadLabs Nation.

As a part of that ongoing effort, we received a classic message from Daddy Don, our jack-of-all-credits (producer/cameraman/editor/graphics designer), early this morning.

“Hey Guys — Prego Man Needs Sleep [airs this Wednesday] is now uploading. It may take a while. The wireless connection here at the hospital is really slow.”

His wife is in labor.

This message put us in a bit of a quandary here at the lab. Do we laud a dedicated employee? Or should we change the passwords on all the accounts to encourage fatherhood activities?


In other behind the scenes news, DadLabs finally gets featured on the YouTube (the Entertainment page, not the main page). That’s the good news. The bad news is that they featured a “Wikipoopia.” Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Wikipoopia. But I wouldn’t claim that’s what I want to be our flagship. Do we really want to be “Those Dirty Diaper Guys on YouTube”? I guess the bigger question is, could that monetize?

Finally, Brad thought it would be funny to bring his elderly dog, Percy, to guest star in Owen “Book Nook” segment reading “Good Dog Carl.” The dog is a 200 lb. geriatric Rottweiler. So far Percy has peed about a gallon and a half in the studio and suffered a minor stroke. Hilarious stuff.

Update: The dog bit Owen during the filming of the segment. Somebody alert YouTube.

Parentricity Sponsors Dadlabs And Owen Is Cool

By Daddy Clay Friday, December 14th, 2007

In case you’re one of the proud and few that have watched the videos in the past week, you will have noticed something new in the opening sequence: Brought to You By Parentricity. In case you are wondering, Parentricity is a cool new social networking site for parents. There are the usual photo and video sharing features, and message boards. The highlight for me is that Jason Avant, at the center of the group blog DadCentric is working as a content manager there and has drawn in some really great bloggers to write for and hang out on the site. So make a profile over there and add me. I need friends. And they are actually advertising on DadLabs. Which is large.

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Turkey Week At Dadlabs

By Daddy Clay Monday, November 19th, 2007

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving here at DadLabs by presenting an (almost) entire week of shows all on the theme of our kids’ least favorite holiday. Today we’ve posted a Lab with some nifty Thanksgiving travel tips (don’t), and even a crafty thingy (Martha?). You’ll notice that we filmed on location, and even got permission from the authorities (though we still almost got arrested when I started running out into traffic because Troy told me to). So a big thanks-giving to the nice folks at the Austin Bergstrom Airport for letting us invade their well-secured turf.

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