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Noobie Dad Sites Galore

By Daddy Clay Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Several newly launched Dad sites have come to our attention in the last few days. Dadosphere is a social networking site, brought to you by the team at type-a mom. Obviously this site is just getting off the ground, but if they can find the writers to provide the kind of content available on the mom site, they will be successful.

We also came across justdaddys, also a forum/social site just getting started. I like the dad-angle, but if you don’t mind having a few moms in the mix, check out parentricity.

The forward looking, early adopter types may be saying that social networking is already sooo 2005, but I do hope that the next step may be niche social networking — finding networks that are manageable in size and organized around a specific topic. It’s what led us, with our friends at FYI to launch our own experiment in social networking, the DadLabs Crib. (If you haven’t already, please head over there, create a profile, and join in.)

I’d also love to suggest that you check out greatdad. The guys over there have put together some really impressive text content there. It’s a great resource, more on the content than social networking side, but still worth a look.

It is still amazing to me, on the verge of my ninth Father’s Day, that the online parenting scene is still so dominated by moms. iVillage, CafeMom (founded by my college suitemate Andy Shue) Dooce — towering online empires. Maybe Dadlabs will rise to be the counterpart for these sites, maybe it wont, but I sure hope that the amazing dad site will come along to prove that guys online aren’t just about tech and cars and girls and porn.

So best of luck to the noobies, may somebody, please, win.