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Life and Laundry

By Daddy Brad Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Let’s talk laundry and life!

Before your eyes roll back in your head consider this. If you have a large family like me, the four things that are the most consistent in your life are feeding them, providing them with a safe and warm place to sleep, guiding them through the daily ups and downs and clothing them. Unless you dress them in disposable paper clothing, this clothing ultimately leads to laundry and lot’s of it.

In our home, we eat three times a day, go to sleep each night and are constantly washing clothes, drying clothes and folding then putting away laundry. It is really amazing when you think about it. We may be a bit on the high side because our 5 month olds favorite activities are spitting up and producing blowouts, and my intuitively messy and fashion conscious daughter roars through outfits like Notre Dame changes football coaches, but I am guessing most families experience some sort of laundry overload on a consistent basis. And heaven help you if you get behind. It’s like racing Usain Bolt, you never catch up.

Having just battled a nasty multiple person stomach bug in our home, we are fresh from scaling the laundry mountain. Without wretching up too much detail, there was lot’s of laundry to do. Three year olds don’t understand that when you feel sick you run to the bathroom, rather their first impulse is to run around the house and then into mommy and daddy’s room. You get the picture.

While separating darks from whites and delicates from jeans my thoughts turned to this interesting little party I attended several weeks back. The good folks at Wisk flew me to New York City to attend a fun evening at the Bubbles and Bubbly event. Wisk has created a program called LanudryHE to begin a dialogue about attaining a higher plane in your journey to laundry bliss. This was essentially a party for laundry and it was a hoot.

Yours truly, and 40 of my closest Mommy Blogger friends donned lab coats, sipped champagne and learned about the finer points of stain removal. I love wearing a lab coat.


We performed numerous experiments with grass stains and even had our bubbles read by an honest to goodness psychic bubble reader. Let’s just say it’s going to be really good year for Daddy Brad if Madam Cat Conner is right. Any ways, I learned some interesting things that I did not know.

Here’s my take on laundry:

* HE stands for High Efficiency, not he, as in me, or him, or a dude. I actually thought they were throwing the party especially me since I was one of only two dudes there.

* High Efficiency washing machines use 20%-66% less water and 50%-80% less energy than do standard machines, thus providing a true financial incentive for changing out the old clunker.

* HE machines work much better with low sudsing detergent than traditional detergents.

* Older traditional machines also benefit from low sudsing detergents, as it cuts down on sudsy residue, which can cause mold growth and foul odor in your washer.

* Low sudsing detergent cleans just as well (and maybe better) as traditional sudsy soap.

* Bubbles are good in champagne (and beer) but not good in laundry detergent.

Since this was a party mostly for chicks, they didn’t have any pizza or beer and being in New York City I figured I must get a slice of pie. Texas has great brisket, pizza not so much. So before retiring for the evening, I ventured out and had a slice and a cold brew and as you would guess, spilled a bit of za sauce on my good shirt. As I contemplated this latest stain I began to get philosophical.

Let’s be honest, even without a nasty stomach flu or a messy pizza, all of us are going to have a lot of laundry to do. When my oldest child was a baby, my wife and I would say that when he came home from daycare with messy clothes, we knew he had had a good day. This was great, because we don’t want to raise our kids reminding them to be careful and not to spill on their clothes. We would rather let them experience the world, and know that we can clean up whatever messes they encounter. I know we can keep their clothes clean.

The lesson that I take from laundry is that as a parent, when the inevitable messes of life come for my children, I hope we’ll be able to clean them up together.

Thanks to Wisk the laundry is taken care of and I can focus on my job as Dad.

Newsflash: WSJ Reports Choreplay Works!

By Daddy Clay Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Grab those vacuums and get to work boys. Doing housework gets you laid!

There was an interesting article in the WSJ today about a report that recently came out indicating that more housework leads to more sex.  in other words, choreplay works.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“The study defined housework as nine chores: cleaning, preparing meals, washing dishes, washing and ironing clothes, driving family members around, shopping, yard work, maintaining cars and paying bills. Wives in the study spent an average 41.8 hours a week on these tasks, compared with 23.4 hours for husbands—a split that is fairly typical, and often regarded by wives as unfair. However, the effects of any fairness concerns among wives weren’t measured in this study.

Outside the home, husbands spent an average 33.8 hours a week on paid work, compared with 19.7 hours for wives. Couples reported having sex 82.7 times a year on average, or 1.6 times a week, about the same as in other studies.”

Read the complete text here.

I’d also like to say, hats off to all the dads out there scoring 1.6 times a week. I’d ask what exactly qualifies as .6th of sex, but I think I know all too well.

And for the DadLabs take on this, you can check out my conversation with the lovely Romi Lassally of and Or you can watch Daddy Brad make sweet, sweet love to his socks.