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The Miley Issue

By Daddy Clay Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Is there really an issue here at all? I find the notion of taking trampy pictures of a fifteen year old to be a little distasteful, but how old are most models anyway? Would it put this in context if all models depicted in fashion magazines had their ages in boxes at the bottom of the frame? Miley would come in slightly below average, but not really by that much. In terms of talking to the kids about it, I’m probably going to steer my six-year-old away from her subscription copy of Vanity Fair this month. She’ll be crushed, I’m certain. Maybe I can distract her with a Cosmo.

I will own this much — I have let my daughter watch Hannah Montana from time to time. It’s a sure sign of my parenting decrepitude. Parenting fatigue. I was absolutely strict with Bubba about those live action tweeny shows that are all over the Disney channel. I even felt squeamish about High School Musical. It all seemed a little too cute boy/girl, kissy face subtexty to me. So I said no. But Hannah Montana, with the exception of the occasional appearance by Dolly Parton, is generally without any suggestive subtext whatsoever. It’s horrid, but it’s not horny. So I felt okay about letting her watch.

A Times blogger felt compelled to show the photos to her daughter, which gets a resounding “hunh?” from me. Pre-emptive exposure to arty photography? I don’t get it. What’s to be gained by actively exposing the kid to the photos? Other than getting material for your blog, which puts her actions in the same category as Achy-Breaky Boy. Thoughts?