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Parenting News: Kiddie Pools, Guns, Food Allergies, Prenatal Care for Dads, Perfect Parenting, Nighttime Headbanging

By Dad News Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Study: Portable Kiddie Pools Kill a Child Every Five Days: Colorful kiddie pools look innocuous enough, but a new study finds that a child drowns in an inflatable, portable pool every five days in warm-weather months. (

Making Sure Child’s Play Doesn’t Turn Into Gunplay: When arranging their child’s next play date, American parents may want to ask if there are any unlocked guns in the prospective playmate’s home. The reason: almost 2 million American homes with kids contain unlocked, loaded guns, experts say, and dozens of kids die each year from unintentional shootings.

Study: Food Allergies More Common, More Severe Among Children: A new study in the journal Pediatrics reaffirms this growing problem of food allergies among young people. Researchers found that 8% of children under 18 in the United States have at least one food allergy. In the past, estimates had ranged from 2% to 8%, adding to the growing body of evidence that increasingly more children have food allergies. (

Should Prenatal Care Be Extended to Dads?: Perhaps it’s because mom has the burgeoning belly, but dads have largely been left out of prenatal care. That could be damaging to the family’s health, contends research in a recent issue of the Journal of Advanced Nursing. (

Can Being Too Perfect a Parent Mess Up Your Kids?: Author and therapist Lori Gottlieb recently stirred up a little parenting controversy when she penned a story for The Atlantic in which she makes the case that providing your kid with too perfect of a childhood could be harmful to them as they hit adulthood. (ParentDish)

Are Your Kids Night-Time Head-Bangers?: “She is banging her head up and down every night, sometimes hitting the headboard. It is scaring her parents to death because, well, it is kind of creepy, and they are afraid that she has psychiatric problems, not to mention, they are worried she could hurt herself.” (

Father News: Measles Outbreak, Food Allergies, Obamacare, and Doctor Gives HIV To 150 Kids

By Dad News Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Measles Outbreak Triggered By Unvaccinated Child A 7-year-old boy who wasn’t vaccinated for the measles, traveled to Europe and contracted the virus. Upon his return home to San Diego, he exposed 839 people, and an additional 11 children contracted the virus. What are the pros and cons of vaccinating our kids? (HealthDay)

FDA Asks Docs To Suspend Using Glaxo Rotavirus Vaccine “Rotarix is contaminated with pig virus but poses no known health risk, officials say.” (HealthDay)

Uzbek Doctors Infected Some 150 Children With HIV: Report “The mass outbreak was due to using catheters and syringes many times without sterilization, falsification of sterilization notifications and destruction of proper documents.” (AFP)

Food-Allergic Kids Should Carry Two ‘epi’ Doses “Here’s your lunch, homework, backpack, and two epi shots just in case somebody from class decides to have shrimp for lunch.” (Reuters)

Obamacare: The Dadwagon Endorsement What are your opinions about the Health Care Bill passed by Congress? (Dadwagon)