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Let’s Confer, Dad Bloggers

By Daddy Clay Thursday, June 30th, 2011

When founder Kelby Carr announced that the Type-A Mom conference was changing its name to Type-A Parent, I knew I’d be heading back to Asheville, and not just because it’s on my Top 5 Places to Run list. Love the city, love the #typeacon.

Lots of good folks there, even though some people bagged (for good reason, sure). Always Great to see Doug of LOD, and the guys behind MoTH.

The sessions I attended were genuinely useful. Though we’ve been at it for years, I found the web video 101 offered by Gregory Ng (of Freezerburns fame) to be useful. I’m making sure that we are following all his recommendations. I’m inspired to try and find an ebook strategy for us.

I also welcome the opportunity to reflect a bit on the dadblogger community. We’re too busy around here to do much woolgathering on the nature or significance of what we do. A bit of that is good from time to time.

I was part of one conversation on the state of the dad blogging community. (My first question: Is DadLabs a blog?) In past years, I might have winced a bit a the suggestion that there was such a thing.  There were some guys in New York that knew each other. We definitely fell outside that loop. But today a genuine community does exist, and we’re proud to be part.

At the risk of sounding corny, life in the dad ecosystem has been pretty peaceful.

Sure, a number of affinity groups have sprung up. At DadLabs we like to pal around, in a purely digital and manly way, with Man of the House, Dadcentric and DadWagon — group blogs with a service journalism twist and a heavy pour of irreverence. But we can go giveaway-for-giveaway with Dad of Divas and Ben Spark, too.

And that’s all good.

I think one way to keep things rolling in that direction is to use venues like Type-A, and the upcoming Dad 2 Summit, to meet face-to-face, talk about the challenges of being male parents and digital media producers, and to drink heavily.