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Parenting News: Talking to Strangers, Pink for Boys, Healthy Eating, ADHD

By Dad News Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Talking to Strangers? Rewriting the Rules of Childhood: We teach our children not to talk to strangers, but — as in Leiby’s case —sometimes they have to. After all, if they’re lost, how are my kids ever going to be found unless they first approach a stranger to lend them a cell phone so they can call me? (

For Young Boys, Is Pink the New Blue?: For generations the view has held strong that while girls must dress in pink to be girls, boys can’t do anything with pink, lest they turn into girls. It’s the view that’s determined the color scheme in many a kids’ bedroom, clothes and toy closets, and that has held strong through decades of change. But, in today’s 21st century world, is that view changing? (ABC News)

Happy Meal Gets a Makeover: The seemingly ubiquitous Happy Meals that have drawn the ire of health advocates and have been blamed for contributing to childhood obesity, will carry apple slices, reduced portion of french fries and a choice of beverage, including new fat-free chocolate milk and 1% low-fat white milk. (

Are Kids With ADHD More Likely to Get Hit By a Car?: Children with ADHD, by definition, are easily distracted and more prone to injuries. But a new study shows the condition could even be life-threatening since affected kids are more likely to be hit by a car when crossing the street. (

More Kids Eating Calorie-Packed Take-Out Food: The obesity epidemic is being fueled still further by a growing trend among kids to eat out and bring take-out food home, University of North Carolina researchers say. Such foods are high in sugar and calories, and their increasing popularity means youngsters are getting more calories than they need, the researchers noted.

Hey Kids, Is that Broccoli in Your Casserole?: A new study found that youngsters got more of their daily greens when researchers pureed veggies and added them to kids’ main dishes at breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the sly. And the kids didn’t seem to notice that anything was different — or to like the meals any less than non-veggie-packed fare. (Reuters)

Parenting News: Childhood Obesity, TV and Sleep, Developmental Delays, Parenting Experts, Sleepaway Camp

By Dad News Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Pediatricians Suggest ‘Media Diet’ for Obese Kids: “Children see thousands of food ads a year on TV in this country. How fair is that to our kids? Do we want our children and teenagers to grow up healthy? Then we need to stop advertising unhealthy foods to them,” Strasburger said. He says the ads for junk food contribute to kids developing poor eating habits in childhood and later in life. (ABC News)

How Does a Baby Get to Be Obese?: Poor diet, huge portion sizes, lack of physical activity, inadequate sleep and uninformed parents are contributing to larger numbers of overweight or obese young children. (

Content, Timing of TV Can Take Toll on Kids’ Sleep: If your preschooler can’t sleep — turn off the violence and nighttime TV. That’s the message in a new study that found sleep problems are more common in 3- to 5-year-olds who watch television after 7 p.m. Watching shows with violence — including kids’ cartoons — also was tied to sleeping difficulties. (USA Today)

Many Pediatricians Aren’t Testing Tots for Developmental Delays: Although there’s been some improvement in the number of pediatricians checking toddlers for developmental delays, more than half still don’t routinely do so, a new study finds. (HealthDay)

Why Everyone’s a Parenting Expert: With summer here and kids at home, there’s a whole new set of parenting decisions that other parents (and even non-parents) feel obligated to judge. In many cases, the parental “sins” seem arbitrary. Chicago clinical psychologist John Duffy has one client whose own parents call her a “slave driver” for requiring her 12-year-old daughter to mow the lawn as a summer chore. Another family gets flak from friends for letting their son play a few hours of video games on summer days. (LiveScience)

Is Visitors Day for Parents at Sleepaway Camp More Trouble Than It’s Worth?: As many full-summer programs have been trimmed back from eight weeks to six or seven, are parent visiting days worth the trouble? Absolutely, camp directors said, though some acknowledged most kids could likely live without them. (Washington Post)

Parenting News: Sharing Photos of Kids, Family Meals, Osama Bin Laden, Television, Daycare

By Dad News Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Posting Images of Our Kids Online: What Are the Rules?: Much has been publicized about how important it is for parents to monitor their kids’ use of technology, but what are the guidelines for parents of small children? (

Family Meals Benefit Health of Children: A study in the journal Pediatrics finds that children and adolescents who share meals with their families at least three times per week are less likely to be overweight, eat unhealthy foods or be at risk for eating disorders. (

Talking to Kids About Osama Bin Laden’s Death: Since last night’s unexpected announcement that terrorist Osama bin Laden had been killed, many parents are grappling with how to talk to their kids about this huge news story. (

The Sad State of American Kids’ Food Environments: Nearly half of all American children and teens are overweight or obese, according to government statistics, and a large part of the problem may be lack of access to healthy foods in kids’ environments. (

TV’s Common in Daycare Centers, Flouting Guidelines: More than two-thirds of daycare centers included in a new U.S. study have TVs available for children to watch, and nearly 60 percent of the centers ignored the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines for television exposure in young kids. (HealthDay)

Parenting News: Grandparents, Childhood Obesity, ADHD, Teen Drinking, Baby Monitor Recall

By Dad News Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Parents Without Parents: Allison Gilbert misses her parents. They both died before their grandchildren could remember them and every day she realizes anew that the loss was not hers alone, but also her son’s and her daughter’s. There is a hole in her parenting, she believes, where her own parents should be. (New York Times)

Infant Nutrition: Delaying Solid Food Can Help Combat Obesity: According to an article published online today in the medical journal Pediatrics, bottle-fed children who begin solid foods too early have a higher chance of obesity by age three than either their breastfed counterparts or those who delay solid foods. The magic age to introduce solid foods and to lower the risk of obesity is four to six months of age. (HealthNews)

When The Diagnosis Is A.D.H.D.: Millions of children, adults and families are affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or A.D.H.D., a troubling condition that can cause problems with work, school and relationships. But when is it time to seek professional help? And is the diagnosis of A.D.H.D. handed out too often? (New York Times) Read the rest of this entry »