DadLabs Wins IAWTV Award: Best Educational Series

“I’d like to thank the Academy.”

Everyone should get to stand on a lighted stage, heft a statuette and say these words. Corny or not, it’s a thrill. And for a drama kid, something often dreamed about.

The Academy in question is the International Academy of Web Television, the as of yet unnamed statuette, an impressive architectural looking series of Tubes, awarded for Best Educational Series. Not a Best Picture Oscar, maybe, but the award had the DadLabs crew flying high as any Golden Glober. (My nominee for statuette name: a “View” — as in we have 40 million views but none more important than this one.)

We’re also a trivia question.

In answer to the question: Who won the first ever award from the IAWTV?

We had just settled into our assigned seats — up in the balcony, well away from the cool kids surrounding the stage, convincing us that we had not won the award — when the show got rolling. Our category came up first, and at exactly the moment that it dawned on me that I might need an acceptance speech, our name was called and off we went.

We said a few words that weren’t completely embarrassing — at least we were quick. Off the stage to a post-award red carpet video shoot, then back into the auditorium for the rest of the show. And it was a very good show — slick smooth and polished — and free of the cynicism about web video that fatally marred the IACTV Awards predecessor.

It was fun to see familiar names and faces called onstage. Particularly Paul Kontonis who in his For Your Imagination days was one of the first pros to identify the DL might be on to something. He’s clearly doing a fantastic job leading the Academy. Also nice to see fellow UT alum Felicia Day and friends from The Guild load up with hardware. We would have loved to see, Brad and Danny win in the individual categories they were nominated in, but, given the competition, I think they were pretty proud just to be considered in that company. Congrats to all the winners.

To expand on my impromptu speech a bit: we really do want to thank the Academy. It’s great to be recognized by your peers, and it does seem fitting, since we are quite literally the old men of the business. Web TV deserves recognition, and I hope this show runs for many, many years.

Thanks also to the guys that show up here regularly. You guys are the best, keeping us honest and convincing us to slog forward no matter what. You taught me what has become my marathon running mantra: perseverance is a badass.

Our families have offered emotional and financial support; tolerated being filmed, photographed, blogged about and generally intruded upon; and have provided the safe base from which we have been conducting our risky experiment for the last five years. I sure hope there is some reward for all your sacrifices and support some day.

Finally, you know what’s really funny? Lugging a gold trophy around the Strip, through TSA, and all the way home. Now, back to work.