Parenting News: Sex, Playground Safety, Pets, Co-Sleeping, Grandparents, Harry Potter

Who Are Teens’ Sexual Role Models?: Parents may think their teens aren’t listening to them about anything, let alone sex, but new research shows that 45% of teens consider their parents — not their friends or celebrities — their sexual role models. (

Are Safety-Obsession Playgrounds Spoiling Our Children?: In a recent paper published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, Norwegian psychologists Ellen Sandseter of Queen Maud University in Norway and Leif Kennair of the Norwegian University for Science and Technology write that “risky play” among young children is a necessary experience that helps children learn to master their environments. Protecting children from any risks in their playtime could breed children that are more likely to be anxious and afraid of danger. (ABC News)

Water Frogs Linked to Illness in Young Kids: Frogs might be cute to look at but they might be hazardous to your children’s health, which is why The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  is warning parents to keep young kids away from water frogs and their habitats. (

Bed Sharing With Toddler – No Harm, No Benefit For Kids Over 1:
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s not advised for parents to ever sleep with infants before the age of 6 months.  That’s the time when babies are most at risk for sudden infant death syndrome.   But the study authors and the AAP agree that once a child is 12 months old , co-sleeping or bed-sharing with parents is really up to the preference of the family.  (

Are Kids Safer With Grandparents Driving?: When children are involved in a car accident, they are less likely to be injured if grandma or grandpa are driving rather than mom or dad, a new study suggests. (Reuters)

Harry Potter Turned a Generation of Kids Into Readers, Data Shows: It’s powerful to hear children and adults talk about how the Harry Potter series has affected their lives — how it taught them about the importance of friendship and love, and how heroes are not always the biggest and the strongest, and how failure and adversity can make us stronger. (Scholastic)