Wooden Blocks Reinvented

IMG_2692When reality does not behave, humans listen.

In a previous life as a high school teacher, I used this technique a lot.  I would show the kids a science demonstration that seemed to defy all laws of physics.  Their rational brains would lock in, working hard to make sense of this new unreality.  Learning ensued.

The opening scenes of both the Matrix and Inception use this same technique, compelling viewers to wake up and figure out a rational explanation behind that which defies common experience.  The viewer is engaged.

Where do you go, movie man, once you realize the rules have changed?  You create.   Neo and Cobb learn to fly and fight by the new rules.

And so it goes with the physics of wooden blocks.

image0For over five years my young son had built walls, castles, and buildings with his preschools wooden blocks.  And then one day I gave him TEGU blocks.

Impregnated with magnets, these neo-wooden blocks not only stack up, but also down.  Defying gravity, they extend in ways that simple wooden blocks cannot.

The day I brought home TEGU blocks, I said nothing.  Presented with what they thought were ordinary blocks,  I got to watch my kids’ eyes pop, their brains race.  My own little movie theater.

Then creation.   Airplanes, furniture.  The kids adapted to this new universe where blocks mysteriously hung from above.

Watching ones kids be creative in unexpected ways brings joy to parent.  And so does playing with wooden blocks himself.

Located in Tegucigalpa (teachable moment), the wood is made out of sustainable materials in a nation whose economic power is not the same as the US.   More teachable moments.  The company plants trees and funds schools.  Creatives will find these blogs elegantly designed and great for the daily brain workout.

For kids and adults who like to creatively play –  with reality.