WARNING: Do not watch this video with your mom! in this segment the Dads ask the authors of "Babyproofing Your Marriage" why some women find it so hard to get along with their mother in law. Not that anything like that happens in our families. We just heard it know...other people's houses. The guys from DadLabs weigh in on the classic struggle between husbands, wives, their parents and the relationship between them. DadLabs ep. 222 The Lounge.

Mother-in-law | The Lounge

Daddy Clay: Alright we are back in the studio again with the authors of Baby Proofing Your Marriage. We've got Julia Stone and Stacy Cockrell both in here. What are you doing? Are you screwing around already? We haven't' even started the segment yet,

Julia Stone: They are like Sumo wrestlers one time.

Daddy Clay: Okay they are ready to face off because today we are going to talk about our mothers.

Daddy Brad: Our mothers, our dear sweet mothers.

Daddy Clay: And what in the hell did our mothers ever do to you? What is the deal with mothers-in-law and wives?

Stacy Cockrell: This is entrapment.

Julia Stone: Yeah. This isn't fair.

Stacy Cockrell: This is not fair. I do like my mother-in-law.

Daddy Clay: Okay so is allowed to -at whatever time she is welcome to come anytime.

Stacy Cockrell: She lives in Arkansas.

Daddy Clay: See that's not even, that doesn't even count. Explain to me why there is this tension between wives and their mothers-in-law.

Julia Stone: We think, what we wrote about in the book is the maternal instinct is so strong and it often overwhelms our judgment.

Stacy Cockrell: It's powerful.

Julia Stone: our judgment and balance and reason. We will admit that. But once you are a mom and once you have this lioness instinct to protect and nurture your offspring for its survival you don't give that up very easily.

Stacy Cockrell: No.

Julia Stone: And so the lionesses start to have a little sparring.

Stacy Cockrell: And the women-women control the nest. The house environment is our turf.

Daddy Brad: Do you understand a little more after having your own children about what moms -your husband's moms are feeling toward their sons as you'll feel?

Stacy Cockrell: We both have two boys each and we are afraid of our future daughter-in-laws.

Julia Stone: They are going to be very carefully screened.

Daddy Clay: The Karma wheel is turning ladies. Can I just say this?

Julia Stone: It is.

Daddy Clay: Do unto your mother-in-law as you want done unto you. Because one of these days they are gong to show up and they are going to. And what I don't understand is that you have to know that your mother-in-law is perfect because your husband is perfect, right? I mean we know that they are great parents because they raised us.

Daddy Brad: Absolutely.

Daddy Clay: So she must be an expert and should be allowed to tell you what to do.

Stacy Cockrell: But sometimes mother-in-laws can over step their bounds. Sometimes they offer their opinions. Or I love the stories-this is within my family, not my mother-in-law, within the family of moving your plant in the kitchen and rearranging your spices and suggesting decorating the house, different ideas for that. I mean what is that?

Julia Stone: There's turf infringement where mother-in-laws should maintain some sort of respect. And you know the current mother is the one with the responsibility so therefore yes we often welcome some opinions but other times it should be pretty clear.

Daddy Clay: So here is a question. Intervene, be in between a wife and mother-in-law or just say "You two guys work it out."

Stacy Cockrell: You have to run interference.

Julia Stone: That's your job.

Stacy Cockrell: If we say no juice and cookies after six that relationship could be over.

Daddy Clay: Really? I've got to negotiate between you and the mother-in-law every time?

Julia Stone: You've got to step up.

Stacy Cockrell: You are between a rock and a hard place buddy.

Julia Stone: Every time.

Daddy Clay: Oh my gosh why don't you guys just work it out?

Julia Stone: Well see that is the thing.

Daddy Brad: You talk about it figure it out.

Stacy Cockrell: How is your sex life?

Daddy Clay: What?

Daddy Brad: Hello mom! Stop!

Daddy Clay: What I thought we were talking about my mother?

Daddy Brad: Dude if you do it then you can have sex.

Daddy Clay: This is horrible

Stacy Cockrell: You've got to be on the same team with your wife and support her. She will take notes for later.

Daddy Clay: Alright, alright I will run interference.

Julia Stone: You know how do you feel if your wife is saying my dad, you know, insinuating that maybe her father was a better parent than you are being. Or my mom always made lasagna on Sunday. Or why don't you do it like my mom did it. How do you think you would feel if your wife said that about her father?

Daddy Brad: I'll tell them you go and eat lasagna with your daddy and -

Daddy Clay: I just thought I would run your interference. We are going to run interference for our wives. Thanks a lot for coming in and talking to us about how to manage that wife/mother-in-law relationship.

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