Dad Rant

Daddy Brad goes off on a rant about children's birthday parties. Why do kids other than the one having a birthday get presents? Who's idea was the pinata, anyway? Check out other follow up rants on DadLabs ep. 55 The Lounge.

Daddy Brad: Man, I am so pissed off about kids birthday parties. Listen to this – listen to this. Do you know that if you have a birthday party for a child, you have to give presents to every kid that comes? Not just the birthday boy, everybody gets a present. The other day I took my boy to a birthday party and they gave away goldfish to every child that came. It’s like, it’s not his birthday, he doesn’t need a present. And then worse than that – we took the goldfish home and my son decided to introduce his new goldfish to his cat and you probably know what happened then. I’m gonna have to have counseling. Stop the madness! What – when I have a birthday party for my child am I going to have to give away, I don’t know, horses? Hey, how you doing? Good to see you. Come on in. Hey – here’s a pony. You get to take it home. That’s just ludicrous. Birthday parties are for the birthday boy. For goodness sake, that’s just crazy.
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