Yoga For Dads?

Yoga seems to cater more to moms, but, can yoga also be for Dads? Today on The Lab, Daddy Clay talks with Neal Pollack, author of "STRETCH: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude". Listen as Neal insights some of his wisdom and watch as Brad and Clay try yoga first hand here at the office. If you're dad that has questions or concerns about starting your yoga practice, don't miss this episode! Episode 726 is brought to you by BabyBjorn.
Daddy Clay: Hey there, today in The Lab, we've got one of our very favorite writers. The author of the classic "Alternadad" and more recently, "Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude". Today in DadLabs, we've got Mr. Neal Pollack. Neal, thanks for joining us.
Neal Pollack: Hey, thanks for having me Clay.
Daddy Clay: So, it's the New Year. Lots of resolutions going on out there. And here at DadLabs, we hear a lot from guys that have got new babies at home. And one of their biggest complaints is, it's impossible for me to maintain any kind of a fitness regimen. And it's frustrating because it's the new year. And everybody else is doing it. I can't do it. Could yoga be the answer for these poor new dads?
Neal: I suppose so. A beginning yoga routine works because it's not too strenuous if you start off at the right level and you can gradually work up into something else. It almost doesn't feel like you're exercising if you do it properly.
Daddy Clay: Can you pop in a yoga CD or how hard is it to teach yourself a yoga routine that you could just bust out at any moment?
Neal: You know, I think it can work if you do it with the DVD or even some YouTube videos. But a trap you can fall into is doing stuff that's too difficult for your level.
I actually recommend finding, if you belong to a gym or finding a neighborhood yoga studio that offers an introduction to yoga series. Take two, three, four classes. It's nice to actually understand the concept behind it.
Daddy Clay: How does an Alternadad such as yourself end up getting involved in yoga? How did you fall into the yoga trap?
Neal: I had a new baby, but I was trying to avoid that reality. I formed a rock band. I published a book about rock and roll. I was trying to squeeze the last bits of juice out of my youth. And it wasn't really working for me. And then the New York Times reviewed my book and in the review, they referred to me as doughy. I had this propensity for posing for pictures with my shirt off. And when the paper of record calls you fat, you figure it's time to do something about it. I had a little mini personality crisis, semi breakdown thing. And my wife, she very kindly said to me, "Maybe you should try doing some yoga with me." So I went to one one morning and it didn't suck. So I went to another one. And then I just sort of gradually found myself getting drawn into the vortex.
Daddy Clay: Recap those again for us. What's the best first place that a dad should go if he's interested in getting involved in yoga?
Neal: If you have a gym membership, find any sort of a gentle yoga class there. Or go to your neighborhood yoga studio, if there's one nearby, and see if they offer an introduction to yoga course or a beginner's yoga course.
Daddy Clay: Well Neal thanks so much for talking with us. And if you haven't checked it out already, you really should check out his book "Stretch". It's not just about yoga. It's also about a guy's struggle with his own identity. Lots of wit. A very funny, funny book. So you definitely want to check that out. It's available at Amazon. You might be able to get a copy in paperback at your local bookstore. Thanks again for joining us Neal.
Neal: Thank you Clay. Take it easy.
Daddy Clay: That's all for us this week here in The Lab.

Christopher Bibbs
written by Christopher Bibbs, January 18, 2011
I was a "yoga guy" before my son was born so I guess I'm a "yoga dad" now. It's great for parents who don't have the time to get to the gym and lack the equipment for other types of exercise at home. OK, you won't get buff, but you can get fit and that's the important thing.
written by Andisheh, January 19, 2011
I used to do a lot of Yoga, I probably slept better than I ever have when I was practicing yoga twice a week.

It helps a lot with your back, and most of all relaxing and feeling good. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

ESPECIALLY Single Dads... Most woman are impressed when they hear you do yoga, and when you are single, sometimes you can meet women in your class smilies/wink.gif Who are often, prrrrretty fit and flexable. Being a "yogi" helped me snag my wife.

I would mostly use it as a supplement to a routine of cardio, and weight lifting. The yoga would help tone and relax my body, and it was a nice break from my more intense work out. If your wife is pregnant it's also great helping her prepare for labor... so you could always join it.
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