Top Finger Foods for Kids

Babies and kids are some of the pickiest eaters around. In this episode of The Lab, we talk to a few experts who reveal what they think are some of the best finger foods for children to eat. Items like shredded cheese, ground meat, pasta and more are great foods to introduce to youngsters. Fruits and vegetables are another healthy option and our experts weigh in on how parents can get kids to eat them. There are even some great dessert options. If you have any ideas or tips to share with us, let us know about them at DadLabs Ep. 786 is brought to you by BabyBjorn.
Daddy Clay: Today in The Lab, fantastic finger foods. So Jr. can finally get his pudgy little pinchers around a morsel of food. It hardly seems like the time to just scatter a few M&M's on the tray of his BabyBjorn high chair. Babies that can suddenly feed themselves are very curious about exploring new tastes and textures. But what finger foods are the best. We went to our favorite experts to get some tasty suggestions.
Ari Brown: There's several different foods that would qualify as finger foods. Basically, a baby who has a pincer grasp where they can lift a piece of food like this and put it into their mouth is ready for finger foods. My personal favorites are shredded cheese, ground beef or turkey or chicken, wagon wheel pasta, and Toasti-o's or Cheerios. Those are the easy ones. You can also cut up small pieces of banana and other fruits and vegetables. Just make sure they're not too slimy and make sure they're not too hard so your baby is able to swallow them.
Shreela Sharma: It's good to offer right around they're getting close to a year. You can pretty much offer the whole array of the food groups. So when I say food groups, I'm talking about the starches, the grains and the meats and the dairy and the fruits and the vegetables. But even some fat in it. So fruits I think any kind of o-shaped low sugar cereal is a favorite with the kids. And when it goes to vegetables, that's when parents kind of start seeing the pickiness of the children. But I think that's because also the parents give up. I know I keep coming back to that but with vegetables it's important to give the variety, you know. Cook your sweet potatoes. And cut it into small pieces and put it out for your child. Or your regular potatoes or make broccoli trees. Steam your broccoli and make broccoli trees or cauliflower trees. And I have a 14-month old and that's how he eats. He eats his trees and so it's that's how I've gotten my 4-year old to like vegetables.
Chef Taylor Hall: There are two of them that are pretty much go to. And they're somewhat on the sweet spectrum so they're pretty easily introduced. One of them is this homemade, well first of all, we're dealing with an egg allergy so that's one thing to consider whenever we're introducing something like this. But it's basically like a really healthy carrot cake bar. And so what it is it's like oats, whole wheat flour, shredded carrot, applesauce, etc. We make little bars. They're tasty and she loves them. The second go to for me which is very low effort and I feel good about feeding it to my child that seems to be healthy and it's also another somewhat dessert item so Noe really goes for them is the fig Newman. Which is kind of the take on the Fig Newton, but it's the organic wholesome, no corn syrup take on a fig newton.
Daddy Clay: So what finger foods do you like to feed your little one? We want to hear from you. Go to and join in the conversation there. We also want to thank our sponsors BabyBjorn, makers of this cool new high chair. Your child safety seated in smart design. Easy to clean. Fold for storage. For 5 months to 3 years, the BabyBjorn high chair. Well, that's all for us here today. We'll see you next time here in the Lab.

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