Poop in the Tub

Poop in the tub is a parenting nightmare that all parents will have to deal with at some point. In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Brad and Daddy Clay run you through the drill of what to do when your kid does this in the bathtub. Dads, it's going to happen to your children. From defecation to turd management, DadLabs has it covered. DadLabs ep. 3 The Lab.

CLAY: Ask parents what the worst thing about parenting young kids is and nine out of ten will say poop in the tub.

BRAD: The one in ten says Wiggles, but poop in the tub is bad.

CLAY: It happens. Eighteen month old kid gets in the tub. Diaper’s off, it’s warm, it’s relaxing. Before you know it he’s dropped a deuce.

BRAD: The kid. It’s important to get the kid out quick. I get the shower going, maybe a little cold for negative reinforcement without traumatizing the kid.

CLAY: Then there’s turd management. Pulling the plug and mashing it down the drain is a short term solution. Only one way to go here. Manual. Grasp as much turd as you can, drop it in the john. Use a cup and you’ll just chase it around the tub all night.

BRAD: Dude, I keep a special poop net like this just for that purpose. Soak in bleach after each use.

CLAY: Whatever. Other than the poop. Bath time is fun.
ted kohn
written by ted kohn, March 09, 2011
nice video, guys. i'm glad i found your site. i won't toy with another man's method but this is my routine - and it works for both poop crumbs and full on warheads:

1. put the kid on the commode, towel around shoulders
2. scoop, capture, etc. while draining the poop water
3. rinse the tub of rogue pieces
4. put the kid back in empty tub, hose down
5. draw new bath

can't forget all this happens with a cold, wet, possibly still pooping kid in the bathroom with you! therein lies the real challenge.
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