Meet Nurse Mark

In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay welcomes Nurse Mark. Mark is an emergency room registered nurse who will discuss medical issues for dads and share information on making decisions for the health of your kids. He's full of parenting wisdom, and quick with a B-12 shot, so watch out for this RN. DadLabs Ep. 34 The Lab.

Daddy Clay: Welcome back to the dadlabs! We’re here to introduce a new member of our team. I’ve got with me today, Nurse Mark. Nurse Mark, thanks a lot for coming in.

Mark: Daddy Clay, it’s great to be here.

Daddy Clay: Hope to see you on the sidelot, giving me advice about medical issues and what not. So you’re a dad?

Mark: I am a dad. Actually, I’ve got three teenagers, two of them living at home with me and one’s away in college.

Daddy Clay: Wow, Impressive. You seem remarkably calm for having that sort of home circumstance.

Mark: Uh, yes. The exterior and interior are very different, Daddy Clay. I’m sure you know a lot about that.

Daddy Clay: Absolutely. So you’re a registered nurse? You’re an RN.

Mark: I am actually. I went to school for 5 years. And the first degree I got was as a Registered Nurse, but also I took an advanced degree. I’ve got a Master’s Degree in Nursing, in what’s called Clinical Nurse Specialist. Actually my initals are APRNBCCNS, APRNBC, advance practice registered nurse board certified. Ya know, so when you’re out shopping around town.

Daddy Clay: That’s like the whole TV Guide

Mark: Yea BC, Board Certified, that’s important.

Daddy Clay: Ok, so..interesting. Male nurse?

Mark: Pretty tough for me to be anything but a male nurse, Daddy Clay.

Daddy Clay: Hmmm. So is that ever tough? I mean, you burst through the door there with some guy with a medical condition and he’s not expecting to see you. I mean do people get surprised when they see the male nurse coming in there?

Mark: I think they do, but my job is so rewarding. I mean it’s a lot of fun, I work in an emergency room and so I see a lot of very interesting things. I see people in crisis, and it’s fun to be able to be in there and give some calm and yea its great plus the perks are pretty good.

Daddy Clay: So, uh, your buddies. When you first told them you were headed off to be a male nurse, you get a little, uh, a little ribbing there?

Mark: No, when they saw who I went to school with, the fact that I’m in a female dominated profession, and yea, as I said, there’s some perks to my job.

Daddy Clay: Hmm and you’re a married are ya?

Mark: I certainly am. I certainly am. Now you told me that women, they’re blocked from being able to get to this dadlabs website, isn’t that right? You know those popup blockers for women, so there’s no way that my wife could see this, isn’t that right?

Daddy Clay: That’s right Mark.

Mark: Good, good. I feel alot better.

Daddy Clay: That’s true. Ok, well, we welcome you here to the lab. We hope to see a lot of you and we’ll see you online.

Mark: Thanks Daddy Clay. I look forward to talking to you dads at home about medical issues and finding ways to help you guys make decisions about taking care of your kids.

Daddy Clay: That’s all for us, here from the dadlab.

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