Halloween Scares Us
As if Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad weren't scary enough. A special Halloween themed Lounge contemplates some deep and scary questions about Halloween. Fun costumes, candy, beer, and ideas for the kids. There is something for everybody. DadLabs Ep. 206 The Lounge.
Daddy Clay: Whenever you’re ready dude. Hahaha – Jeez.

Daddy Brad: Daddy Clay, How are you.

Daddy Clay: You’re a beer keg?

Daddy Brad: Yes, Yes. Sorry I’m late. Welcome back to the DadLab Lounge. I was out carving my pumpkin if you know what I mean. And I’m so excited to be here because this is the beginning of the festival holiday season and it starts off with one of the most fantastic holidays out there – Halloween.

Daddy Clay: Hmm.

Daddy Brad: You don’t like Halloween, Daddy Clay?

Daddy Clay: I just think – I think there are other holidays that are a lot better. This one – I mean, just for kids I think Halloween – I’ve just got some issues.

Daddy Brad: Bah Hum Bug. What are you talking about? Halloween’s great.

Daddy Clay: Think about it – for small kids Halloween – everybody gets all excited, the big kids, they all dress up and they’re all pumped up. But for the small kids, I mean, it’s scary. There’s a lot that can go wrong, there’s pitfalls.

Daddy Brad: What could go wrong on Halloween? It’s a time you get to dress up and assume different personalities. You get to explore fantasies with your children. You get to act out cool things and you get candy. And, and – beer.

Daddy Clay: Does that thing actually work?

Daddy Brad: Sure. You think I’d wear it if it didn’t work? So, okay, tell us why you hate Halloween.

Daddy Clay: I just, well I mean – I have a letter that, with your permission Daddy Brad, I’d like to read. I want to share it with you.

Daddy Brad: From the Great Pumpkin?

Daddy Clay: Uh, no. This is actually from my younger child, my youngest child. And he had a tough experience last Halloween and he wrote this letter and I just want to share it with you and our viewers. “Dear Halloween, I am two and I hate you.” He’s very advanced.

Daddy Brad: That’s strong language from a two year old.

Daddy Clay: “My big brother and big sister kept telling me that you are lots of fun and that I will like you very much. They are liars. I knew this before but forgot for a while because they talked about candy. Because of you my mom pulled a big stuffed whale attached to suspenders over my head. She called it an Orca, but I know it is a Shamu. I also hate Shamu. One time I saw Shamu jump out of a pool so I left that Sea World very fast. Now I am dressed like him so I am afraid of myself.

Daddy Brad: That’s a conundrum for a two year old.

Daddy Clay: The other part is the monsters. My dad says there are no monsters. He is a big fat liar. I saw maybe one hundredy seven…

Daddy Brad: That’s a lot of monsters, dude.

Daddy Clay: …They were as big as teenagers and almost as scary. They definitely mostly had teeth which are dangerous. My brother and my sister kept talking about trick-or-treat which also sounded really good and I got really excited but I was also keeping an eye out for monsters and it took a really long time for it to get dark so I pretty much lost my shit.”

Daddy Brad: Hahaha – is this written by…

Daddy Clay: Yeah, could we go to the photo please? Photo, Troy. “Thank goodness I have my football. The candy part was pretty good. Other than that you suck. Sincerely, Coop.”

Daddy Brad: Blasting.

Daddy Clay: That’s a good example of what this h holiday can do to small children.

Daddy Brad: You’re missing the whole spirit. I think you need to plan it a little better.

Daddy Clay: The kid’s traumatized.

Daddy Brad: Maybe let him be a football player. It sounds like he likes football.

Daddy Clay: I mean, it’s just not…for some younger kids I just don’t think it’s good.

Daddy Brad: I think Halloweens a wonderful holiday. I love it. You get to dress up in things you admire and you get to go around and get candy so, I’m all for it.

Daddy Clay: Well, we hope, we hope that you have a better Halloween experience with your kids than Coop had on his last Halloween. And I’m holding out hope that he’ll have a better experience this Halloween. So what we’d like to do is run a little contest.

Daddy Brad: Oh good, I love contests.

Daddy Clay: Daddy Brad, what we’d like for you to do – our DadLabs viewers, the beloved that you are, send us photos of your little ghouls and goblins in Halloween costumes. Do it by email, it’s probably the best way to do it. Just send it to just as an attachment. We’ll take a look at those and we’ll post a lot of them and then we’ll pick a couple of winners.

Daddy Brad: Yeah.

Daddy Clay: Runner-ups.

Daddy Brad: Runner-ups get the Due Dads series – Survival Guide to Pregnancy, Survival Guide to Labor and Delivery.

Daddy Clay: And the big winner…

Daddy Brad: Yeah, the big winner.

Daddy Clay: …gets the Red Castle Sport. This right here – it’s a baby carrier.

Daddy Brad: Whoa, that’s good.

Daddy Clay: It’s one of the classics in the male baby carrier line because this will prevent the ‘nut kick’ which is why we like it, this particular model.

Daddy Brad: Yeah. You can use it to carry about big bags of candy too. Well, happy All Hallows Eve.

Daddy Clay: Yeah, be careful. Don’t force it on your children is they don’t feel like it.

Daddy Brad: Yeah, and lets see those costumes. Dude, I think my sphincter’s leaking a little bit. You need a top off.

Daddy Clay: No thanks dude. You can keep that for your own treat.
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