Dadchelor Parties

Daddy Clay talks to Beth Feldman, Founder and President of about a few "dad trends." Dads are becoming more involved with everything from the very beginning, including doctors appointments and even baby showers. A Dadchelor party is a get together for new Dads that is essentially, diapers for beer. Guest bring diapers and beer is served while you watch movies or maybe the game. At a Dadchelor party, baby kegger, ok, strippers, not ok. (Trust us on this one.) Another great idea for new Dads is to take the Mom-to-be on a "Babymoon" where she gets pampered and can relax. Well, relax as much as one can when building a human. Episode 868

Daddy Clay:  Hey Beth, thanks so much for joining us on Dad Labs today.
Beth Feldman:  Thanks for having me.
Clay:  Obviously, this is a dad website, so the first thing we want to know, is it true that vastly more dads these days are getting pregnant?
Beth:  [laughs] I don't know. The last I checked, there was one a few years ago, but I don't know. The jury's out on that one.
Clay:  Still not a trend.
Beth:  Still not a growing trend, no, but dad's way more involved in the whole process.
Clay:  True, so are there other trends, other than becoming pregnant themselves, that you've identified?
Beth:  Yes, I have! I'm sure as you know, having a website, the whole social media craze has embraced becoming pregnant in a very big way. And the reason is that you can actually find out that you're pregnant so quick in the game. First Response has the earliest pregnancy test that you can take to find out you're pregnant, six days before you miss your period. So, your wife can actually share the news with you right away. A lot of times she may just change her profile picture and put it on Facebook.
Clay:  So, more men can expect to learn that their wives are pregnant through Facebook.
Beth:  Well, let's hope that your wife will give you a card. Father's Day's around the corner, so maybe she might want to share a nice little card with you first, before she shares it with the virtual world. But you never know with women. They've got their cell phone on, and they could be just standing there taking a picture and tweeting away.
Clay:  There are a few ways that dads have been known to react to learning about a pregnancy. Any that you really want to avoid?
Beth:  The ones that pass out. The ones that say, "No, it's not me. I can't be..." Other than that, I think you really want to have the dad who's in it, who is ready to get online and start doing the registering with you, starts planning the shower with you. That's the kind of dad you want involved in the whole process.
Clay:  So, dads are more involved from the very beginning. They're learning earlier. They're participating in the pregnancy. And it seems like they are being celebrated a little bit more. Talk to us a little about that.
Beth:  Well, the fun craze that's happening with dads is "Dadchelor" parties, which I'm sure that you'd enjoy. Dads are going away with their best buddies. They're going to ball games. They're going to pub crawls. They're going away for a weekend. They're celebrating what life is like before the baby arrives. And they're even having sort of traditional shower parties, where the dad's guests bring diapers and they get beer in return.
Clay:  So, it's a diaper for beer swap.
Beth:  Diaper for beer swap, I think that's an even. That's a good kind of party to attend.
Clay:  And what do you think about throwing a baby kegger? Invite your buddies over. Everybody chips in on one big gift and you pass around a local microbrew in return.
Beth:  I like that! I think that's a really good idea. Yeah, that's fine, as long as there are no children under the age of 21 involved in the process.
Clay:  How about this. Dadchelor parties, like bachelor parties ‑‑ strippers recommended?
Beth:  No, I'm hearing it's more like going to a ball game and a pub crawl, minus that.
Clay:  So, any other trends? Do you think, ultimately, this trend of dads being involved in pregnancy from the very beginning is going to continue and accelerate, or has it already peaked?
Beth:  I think it's going to continue to accelerate. I think ‑‑ especially with the job market where dads are home more, they're working from home; and dads are so into the whole gear thing, getting the right stroller, the sling to carry them in, all these cool things that are dad‑centric ‑‑ it's becoming a shared process.
Clay:  And finally, what do you think is the top tip that you've got for dads to make mom's pregnancy more bearable.
Beth:  Take her on a Babymoon, stat. Especially if she's in her last trimester, make sure that you take her away. You pamper her, and you make her feel good. And you're supportive every step of the way, because she is going to be going through lots of different emotions, and you just have to roll with the punches.
Clay:  Sounds like great advice, Beth, and thanks so much for joining us on Dad Labs today.
Beth:  Thank you, and go to for more information on everything from finding out about your pregnancy to all the great trends that are going on right now.
Clay:  Sounds like great advice. Thanks very much.
Beth:  Thank you.

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