DadLabs 2011 Year in Review

We're looking back at some of the best moments of the year. "Hey Folks!" Here's to a wonderful and prosperous 2012! Thanks for watching! "Genius." Happy New Year everyone! Episode 839, "DadLabs 2011 Year in Review," is brought to you by BabyBjorn.

Daddy Brad:  Hey, folks, on behalf of everyone here at DadLabs, we'd like wish you a wonderful New Year and a happy, prosperous 2012.
Daddy Clay:  But before we move on, we want to thank you very much for having watched our show and thanks also to our sponsors, BabyBjorn. And, now, it seems like an appropriate moment to look back at the year that was here at DadLabs. Looking for that perfect romantic gift for your wife that'll benefit the entire family? Here at DadLabs, we've got it for you.
Vegetables. This week we take a look at a more parents center method, the Azrin Foxx method.
Daddy Brad:  Now, if the child center method is this hippie dippy love in...
Hippie:  "It's OK, little dude. If this potty training trip is a huge bummer, we just do it another time, yo."
Daddy Brad:  And, the Azrin Foxx method is boot camp for potty training.
Dad:  "Son, you are going to put your wee‑wee in that potty. Or you're gonna run until I get tired. Diapers are for babies, small babies, not, not." [music]
Spies:  It seems, Indiana Miles, that you will never learn. Join us or continue to soil yourself. [music]
Samantha Stenchcomb:  I'm Samantha Stenchcomb.
Dan Daniels:  My name is Dan Daniels.
Burt Bowles:  Burt Bowles.
Matt Del Toro:  My name is Matt Del Toro.
Verbose:  Oh, I spent lots of time in very... I've got 14 children and they've all had strollers of one kind or another. I'm one of these very best customers. As a matter of fact, I think I put his oldest son through trade school.
Matt:  I tend to be a little hard on strollers. [crashing noise] [music]
Daddy Clay:  Suffering from creased fat?
Daddy Brad:  Don't eat too much grease. I am pretty disgusted.
Daddy Clay:  That needs to arrange the coffin. Here's the top and then you just [sound of closing coffin lid] No, let me out, let me out.
Barry:  So, that's this one. So, are we ready for that one? Barry's Strollerdome!
Daddy Brad:  I'm fat and I have head lice and my toenails are long.
Daddy Clay:  It's just awkward.
Daddy Clay  Well, here's the bambinos' booth and I'm here with Inventor Megan, Inventor of the Tiny Table Tray. Did I get that right?
Heidi:  Heidi?
Daddy Clay:  One more time then.
Daddy Brad:  Hey, everybody, on behalf of... Hey folks, hey.
Daddy Clay:  Is that the hard part?
Daddy Brad:  Yes, that's the hard part. [music]
Daddy Clay:  The origami from four moms gives dads to get another reason to welcome the arrival of our robot overlords.
Daddy Clay:  Hang low men, hang sir, gravity now. Are you ready? And, when you're ready, looking far out there, OK, like you mean it, huh? [music]
George:  Young man, if I stayed up at night dandling babies, you'd be speaking in a strange accent, living in a town that ends in shire.
Danny:  You don't have kids, right?
George:  I don't see why that should stop me from having strong opinions and sharing them with you.
Danny:  Free country.
Ben:  You're welcome for that, by the way. But, surely, you must feel compelled to fulfill your masculine duties. And as a voice said, "Early to bed, early to rise."
Danny:  And, you spent years overseas without your family?
Ben:  Oh, well, I guess, fish will start to stink after three days. [music]
Miranda:  Grab the outside of the leg, ankle or feet in happy baby pose. Rock back and forth in happy baby pose.
Daddy Brad:  This is kind of perverted.
Miranda:  Well, that's stretching the hips.
Daddy Clay:  Oh, wait a minute is this yoga class or some Texas A&M initiation issue?
Daddy Clay:  Most certainly in gravity, you've got to get low, maybe, you want to get down to three point on a four point, down here like that and you've got to go oh, ah.
Daddy Brad:  Happy New Year!
Daddy Clay:  Happy New Year, everybody. Have a great 2012. Stay safe out there.
Daddy Brad:  That's right. All right. That, my friend was genius.