Track and Graph the Poop

In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy is joined by Aruni Gunasegaram, President of as they review Babblesoft's web-based software which facilitates communication between caregivers. Track your newborn baby's sleeping, feeding, diaper changes and medicines and trade information between parents, caregivers, nannies, babysitters, etc. Nice graphs. It even lets you pick mustard, brown and green as the colors of the baby poop when recording the diaper changes. Can you keep track of 7 infants? Babblesoft can. DadLabs ep. 260 Gear Daddy.

DADDY TROY: Welcome back to Gear Daddy. I’m your host, Daddy Troy and we’re here with Aruni Gunasegaram and she’s the CEO and founder of and they have a cool product called Baby Insight.

Welcome to the lab, Aruni. Tell us about your product for a bit.

ARUNI: At BabbleSoft we make web and mobile software applications that help facilitate information between caregivers. If you went out for the day and you want to know when the last time the baby was fed or slept you can quickly look this up.

Here’s what happens at the home page of Baby Insights. It’s a summary of what’s been happening during the day. You can enter pumping or medicine information.

DADDY TROY: I love the graphs.

ARUNI: We made it so it’s so easy to use. You can record a diaper change.

DADDY TROY: You can track the poop color and consistency. It also works on mobiles?

ARUNI: Everything you see for the most part you can get on a mobile device. It can handle up to seven kids.

DADDY TROY: How do I get it? Do I buy it online?

ARUNI: You can go directly to our website to the purchase page and you’ll see our prices range from $9.95 for one month to $37.95 for a year and that one includes Baby Say Cheese which didn’t get into depth here but it’s an only first year album.

DADDY TROY: Thanks for coming in, it’s a cool product for dads. It’s great for tech dads and families and for anybody who’s trying to keep track of all those things that are happening with your new born. We’ll see you next week on Gear Daddy at
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