Gears for Tears
Daddy Troy reviews the innovative and high tech Graco Sweetpeace, a newborn soothing center. With a smooth rocking mechanism, five point harness, all you need to do is put your baby in and press go! Relaxing your kid and putting him or her to sleep just got a lot easier.Nice work Graco, we dads approve! DadLabs Ep. 256 Gear Daddy.
DADDY TROY: Hi, I’m Daddy Troy and today I am reviewing the Sweetpeace by Graco. Now, full disclosure, Sweetpeace is our sponsor and I know that seems like a conflict of interest so don’t start griping at me in the comments because we got it out at the DadLabs. We put it together. We were all amazed and took a vote and this gets the DadLabs seal of approval.

So this is the Sweetpeace New Born Soothing Center by Graco and basically what it is is it’s a rocking mechanism. You put your child in here with the five point harness. Take this just as you would a carseat in your car and you put your child into here. Make sure he’s secure and you press go and it starts to move back and forth just like you would have your baby in your arms.

It’s got six different speed settings where it can go back and forth depending on what your kid likes. This is setting one right now we’ll go to setting four. You’ll see it starts to have a wider swath. You can also take the seat out and turn it 90 degrees and then press go and then you can see your baby and keep an eye on him which is kind of nice. It kind of makes me a little sleepy, too.

Ok, so this is a really innovative baby product but it has a lot of other features that I as a tech dad really appreciate. It has a high quality speaker on it so that when my wife comes in and plays classical music my baby can appreciate it the way it was meant to be appreciated of course it was probably written before speakers were invented but that’s a different story. I can also plug in my own MP3 player. It also has this feature where when it’s going and you turn it off is goes down without waking your baby up.

Graco’s also thought of some other things for instance this seat comes out and you can also put other Graco carseats in here. Not all models work but most do. It’s also easy to take apart and travel with. Now you have three pieces that you can travel with if you choose to and you can take your carseat as opposed to this seat.

The Sweetpeace can take batteries and it also has a plug. The bar comes up on both sides. It serves as a rocker. You can take it with you. It also comes with a swaddling blanket but this is sewn to fit for new born infant’s body and it has a little hole to allow the middle cross strap come through. It also has a two speed vibrating system. It has a memory so when you turn it back on it remembers your last setting. You can put this canopy down.

We’ll see you next week here at
Amanda Biddle
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written by The Biddles, October 10, 2009
So just curious... I didn't see any comments so does that mean you have or have not gave the rocker away yet? We were looking at one of those at the store!smilies/wink.gif
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