Making a Bean Bag Toss, Daddy DIY

In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy gets out the saw, drill, and other power tools for one of the best do it yourself projects around. Watch as he builds a game table for one of the greatest outdoor games - cornhole. This bean bag toss game is just one example of many great family games you can enjoy. And it's DIY! With hints on how to involve your kids in the construction process, this video shows a project for the whole family. Everyone will be in for lots of beanbag fun! DadLabs Ep. 500 Gear Daddy is brought to you by BabyBjorn.

DADDY TROY: Welcome Back to Gear Daddy, I am your host Daddy Troy. Today we are launching a new type of video we call DIY Dads. So get out your power tools, put on your goggles, because you are in the DadLabs.

Today we are going to build a really simple bean bag game which you and your kids can play. First Stop: The Hardware Store.

In order to make a single platform you will need two eight foot 2x4’s, a 3/4 inch 2 foot by four foot sheet of plywood and some hardware. Don’t worry I have provided a whole list of these at my blog at Tools you will need are a circular saw, a jig saw, and a drill.

You can buy these 2x4 foot pieces of plywood precut at places like Home Depot,
or you can buy a whole sheet of plywood and have the hardware store rip it into four sections. Your first step is to cut both 2x4’s in half, and then cut one of those into half again. If you don’t own a circular saw, you can go over to the trim aisle at Home Depot and they often have a mitre box and hand saw there.

Mount the top onto the four boards using screws. I really like these sheet rock screws as they are cheap and have tons of uses. Get the 2 inch long. This is a step that you can do with kids. Get the screw started and if you drill has a clutch on it, then you are less likely for the kid to put the screw too deep into the face. Next, take your shorter lengths of 2x4 and drill a whole into the side of the platform and into the 2x4. Drive through a bolt and then fasten the risers to the face.

Final Step, You need to cut a six inch hole into the face using a jig saw. Take a plate, traces a circle, drill a big hole into the circle, and use a jig saw to cut out the whole. Finally, get your kids involved in painting the lids.

Well, that’s all for this week, we’ll see you next week on Gear Daddy and all week long at

Concretin Nik
written by Concretin Nik, May 06, 2009
Don't forget one of the best parts about building your own cornhole game(or any game for that matter)... CUSTOMIZATION! My cornhole set is Droids vs. Jawas! You can don anything you want, and don't let anyone tell you that both boards must match exactly... it's YOUR game! Have a blast with it! smilies/cool.gif

'Boba Fett! Where!?'
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