Bath Safety Rails

Here is a top tub trick. Getting up and over the lip of the bathtub is a high hurdle if you're only two feet tall. In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy reviews a bath safety rail from Kidco that can help keep your child safe when they get in the bath tub. These items are a good way to get your kids trained as they transition into using the big tub in the bathroom. Check out more Gear Daddy for other great safety tips and baby products. DadLabs Ep. 308.

Daddy Troy: Welcome back to Gear Daddy, I'm your host Daddy Troy. This whole week on Dad Labs is sponsored by One Step Ahead your best online source for baby gear. This week I'm reviewing the bath safety rail by Kidco. And I'm giving one away so stick around until the end of the episode and I'll tell you how to get one.
Getting in and out of that can be a slightly dangerous time for a kid. The floor might be slippery and of course, the bathtub is slippery. Well In-Step the bath safety rail by Kidco it allows both kids and parents to fill a little more safe when a kid is getting in or out of the tub.
This not only allows a sense of safety it also allows a kid to have a sense of I can do it myself. I can get out of the tub without having to have mom or dad actually physically hold me as I get out of the tub.
Here's how it works. You notice it has three suction cups, two for the side of the tub and one for the top of the tub. You simply put it on, it's straddles the tub. Then you press down and lock the suction cups. And vwallah you have a sturdy way for kids to get in and out of the bathtub. Now it doesn't necessarily have to be mounted right here you can also mounted on the back side of the tub and give a kid a way to stand up and sit down while he or she is in the tub.
I'm giving one of these away today so leave a comment on about episode 308 and we're not going to just choose randomly this time. This time we will really good comment from you and here's what we want, the top five things in your house that weren’t intended to be bath toys but ended up as bath toys. And the person who sends us the most outrageous one or the most creative one, they’ll get one of these bath safety rails by Kidco.
We’ll see you next time on Gear Daddy at
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