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Daddy Troy reviews maybe the coolest travel crib ever. This piece of baby gear comes to us from Baby Bjorn, maker of some of the best baby products. This crib makes travel easier for parents and their infants. The crib has numerous safety features and folds into compact travel luggage. Babies can sleep nicely in this baby furniture. This Swedish engineering feat comes to you directly from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. (See, honey, it really was for work. DadLabs ep. 88 Gear Daddy.


Daddy Troy: Okay – I seldom use the word revolutionary when I talk about baby gear but this one today we’re talking with Amy from Baby Bjorn about a new portable crib that they’ve got and let me tell you it is truly revolutionary. I know you’ve been there before, you’ve traveled with your kids and you have a portable crib. Either you’re borrowing one from the parents or you’re bringing one along yourself and you start to set it up, and it weight a hundred and ten pounds and it starts to pinch you when you put it together and six hours later you don’t even have the…you get what I’m talking about, you’ve been there, well this is truly a really great product. So Amy, why don’t you tell us about it?

Amy Snyder: Okay, this is the new Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light. It’s a brand new product for Baby Bjorn. It is designed for parents on the go who travel a lot with their children. It actually weighs less than eleven pounds in the case so it’s very easy to carry and it also can be checked like regular luggage so it’s the size of a standard suitcase. It is designed so that it conserves space in the room – whether that’s a bedroom or a hotel room – the design of the legs is designed so that it doesn’t take up much room. The mesh sides allow you, when you’re sleeping in a bed next to the baby to peek in on the baby at night without having to look in over the edge. All of the material that comes in contact with the baby is what we call erchotech certified. It’s a European text tile standard. It mean that the material does not contain any chemicals that is harmful to the baby, so if the baby stands up and chews on the fabric they’re not going to ingest any harmful chemicals. The mattress is waterproof and it’s also made of a breathable fabric so when the baby’s sleeping they don’t get all hot and sweaty; it allows some air circulation through the mattress. But it is waterproof so…

Daddy Troy: Super.

Amy: in case there’s some accidents at night it’s easily cleanable.

Daddy Troy: So it’s light, great materials and easy to set up too, right? Let’s check it out…

Amy: It is very easy to set up.

Daddy Troy: Now wait, before we go on, check this out – one finger. Do that with your standard portable crib – one finger. Okay, let’s check it out.

Amy: Okay.

Daddy Troy: Ready?

Amy: All it takes is unzipping the sides, pull out the blue crib and pop it open.

Daddy Troy: Voila!

Amy: Make sure the legs are pulled out completely, and it is just that easy. And then the mattress just slips right inside like that.

Daddy Troy: Piece of cake.

Amy: And you’re done.

Daddy Troy: Wow.

Amy: Ten seconds or less.

Daddy Troy: No way – whoa whoa whoa, you’re done?

Amy: You’re done. Ten seconds or less, your baby is asleep.

Daddy Troy: Incredible. And with things that are sometime light I have this weird assumption that they’re not at sturdy. This one’s really sturdy?

Amy: This one’s very sturdy. The way the legs are designed ensures it stay’s stable on the floor. It was also put through a lab testing to make sure that older siblings can’t come up and knock it over when a younger child is in there, so …

Daddy Troy: Oh, super. Super. And so probably the catch is it’s probably impossible to take down, right?

Amy: Absolutely not.

Daddy Troy: Okay.

Amy: That’s the second beautiful thing about this crib.

Daddy Troy: Okay, super.

Amy: First you remove the mattress and you want to put the mattress back in the bag…

Daddy Troy: I’ll help you with that.

Amy: …for the stability of the bag. Just flip this over, apply a little pressure with one foot on the center, and the legs just basically pop right in. Apply a little pressure in the middle, fold it in half and it’s back in the bag and you’re ready to go again. There we go.

Daddy Troy: Super, super. The portable crib from Baby Bjorn, Amy thanks so much. This is a really, really cool product and I hope to travel with it soon.
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