The Pregnant Man, From Conception to Delivery
Owen guides the DadLabs crew in a touching and therapeutic look back at his time in a 30 lb. pregnancy simulator full of water and lead balls. What have the boys learned from feeding Owen ipecac, dressing him in maternity clothes and leaving him alone with a pack of wild mamas? A new level of empathy? Fresh insight? Or perhaps just a newfound humility and gratitude for not having a uterus. Well, duh. This video is brought to you by Boon. DadLabs Ep. 295 Daditude.
Daddy Owen: In the spirit of exploration, Christopher Columbus crossed an ocean to a land he didn’t know. That same spirit drove Greg Leganass to do a triple lindy back flip, and in that same spirit, we here at Dad Labs made the pregnant man.

Lets look back over some hard times, some good times – what have we learned? Not just what I learned, but what have you learned?

Daddy Clay: You know I hope you don’t take this personally but I just don’t feel like we ever really clicked. Some tension on the sets: -

You can’t just rush into everything!

Daddy Brad: Pregnancy is not easy.

Daddy Owen: What’s that?

Daddy Clay: Take your time there’s lots of parts! It’s an extremely expensive suit.

Daddy Owen: You don’t remember like ever saying, “I love you man, I love you”?

Daddy Clay: I just want to say, I am trying to keep the emotion, is that I so appreciate what you’re doing right now. It’s kind of awkward.

Daddy Owen: It doesn’t ring a bell?

Daddy Clay: No I don’t…

Your pregnancy is our pregnancy – it’s like the worlds pregnancy.

Daddy Owen: Yeah okay I love you too. Troy? Favorite moment? What have you learned?

Daddy Troy: I think the Velcro could have been a little sturdier on the back. I’m not sure there, the anatomy’s that convincing on the suit.

Daddy Owen: Does it make me look fat?

Daddy Clay: It makes you look like a pregnant art teacher. I was surprised the way that the women really found the pregnant man sexy.

Lady 1: How far along are you?

Daddy Owen: I think third trimester. Can you feel it kick?

Daddy Clay: Not that you’re an unattractive guy – but you’re not really that attractive and there were a number of episodes where I remember that women were just really throwing themselves.

Daddy Owen: Whoa! What’s that? What are you doing? What did you do?
Daddy Troy: Did you guys know what a motorboat was before we started this project?

Daddy Owen: Who knew? Did anyone know?

Daddy Brad: I did know.

Daddy Owen: You did really?

Daddy Troy: You knew what a motorboat was?

Daddy Brad: Uh huh

Daddy Owen: Really?

Daddy Brad: Yeah.

Daddy Owen: Wow! Have you ever Googled motorboat?

Daddy Troy: No number one.

Daddy Clay: This may actually be a way to pick up chicks. Put on the empathy belly and hit the bars because even if you’re like a short red-haired guy, boom! They’re all over you.

Man 1: Woo hoo! Hey I know that dude.

Daddy Owen: You don’t know that guy. Keep going he’s going to beat you up come on.

What have you learned Brad? In some cases you had the most to learn.

Daddy Brad: Yeah, yeah well you know I love boobs, I really love boobs, but I don’t love boobs on a dude.

Daddy Owen: My favorite moment was being mounted by Spike Gillespie.

Daddy Brad: Least favorite moment?

Daddy Owen: For me?

Daddy Brad: Yeah

Daddy Owen: That would be vomiting yeah!

Daddy Brad: My favorite moment – you vomiting, my least favorite moment? Me vomiting!

Daddy Clay: My favorite moment was probably buying you that outfit you were wearing because it was really expensive.

Daddy Brad: Owen, get what you want because you’re doing this, you’re going through all that and you need to feel pretty.

Daddy Owen: Thank you for recognizing that. I don’t have to listen? Thank you.

Daddy Clay: I have to say; you’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it.

Daddy Owen: I hardly take it off.

Daddy Clay: Like a lot more wear than really I would have suspected. I was a little worried when I saw you wearing it at the coffee shop without the empathy belly, I think that’s a little…

Daddy Owen: I wear it all the time.

Daddy Troy: My favorite moment is when we went to the coffee shop and there was a famous South Austin transvestite present, all dressed and Owen was all dressed up as a woman, and the two almost went to blows. For release reasons we couldn’t include the footage, but this is a totally true story. These two men dressed as women were head to head so to speak.

Daddy Owen: You know what I’ve learned is, we might be men we might be women. Some of us have vaginas some of us have penie but inside, we’re all human beings. I might not have a womb, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a belly, that I don’t have a baby. I didn’t really learn anything I guess really. Thank you for forcing me to do this.

Daddy Clay: Sure and we look forward to bonding again, but we’ve got to go we’ve got work to do.

Daddy Owen: Okay bye guys, I guess I’ll see you guys later.

Daddy Troy: See ya

Daddy Owen: Guys! I think its time! Is this carpet rented?
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